Technology Blog Assignments



You blog should be a resource for the rest of the class. You were assigned an area of Technology that you must learn about.  You should post any information you find or create that would be helpful to others.


Guidelines for Posting

  • Post any information you believe will be helpful to your readers.
  • Make sure you can answer any questions about what you posted. You have to be responsible and post information that you have reviewed first. This refers primary to anything you have read, or, providing a link to an article to read.
  • Include pictures. It makes it more visually appealing.
  • You will probable visit many web sites and save the links to the ones you liked. You should have these links available on your site and provide a one-sentence description of the site.
  • Spell check your work.
  • Make sure you have categories set up on your blog so it will be easy for others to sort through your posts.
  • Look at other people’s blogs to get ideas!



Guidelines when Posting a Reading Assignment on your Blog

I am posting a quick outline of my guidelines on how I expect any article reviews to be written.

Reading Assignments

  • Source
    • Title of Article
    • Where it was from. Magazine, Website, Book etc..
    • Who Wrote the article
  •  Short Description of what the article was about. A summary of articles highlights limited to two paragraphs.
  • Your Opinions

Survey for Students who Graduation from Computer Science and Internet Technology

This survey is only for students who graduated from Computer Science and Internet Technology. PLEASE do not fill out this form unless you have graduated between 2003 and 2011. The information we are gathering is used in part to help determine the success of our shop. If you know any students who graduated from our shop please let them know about this survey.

Thanks for your Help! G1, G2, and Mr. Botte

VERY IMPORTANT! – Only fill out this form once and please be honest with your answers.

Click here to fill out the form!

Thing 7c – Google and Portfolios

I found a post on Instructify that talked about online portfolios. The two programs they mention is Google and Carbonmade. We have an online system at school that the kids can use to create a portfolio. That online program is somewhat limited for my students. Our students will want to show off the technical aspects of what the have done and they will require a system that allows links to outside services, the ability to embed media like photos, videos, flash etc.. I will have to evaluate both Google and Carbonmade to determine if they will meet our needs.

On a different but related topic I may have a solution to a problem I have been facing. This class has introduced many wonderful services and tools. It is easy to spend hours experimenting with these services and tools. It has become a stressful task that I feel obligated to complete. the problem is there are just to many to try and not enough minutes in a day. I think I may create a series of lessons where my students spend time with these tools and creae apresentation for the class. We will see if this helps me with this task. My ultimate goal is to teach my students about these tools and have them use them in future projects. This may just work. Stay tuned for updates.

Thing 14 – Voice Threads

I selected this tool because we had a discussion in class and no one seemed interested in using this tool. I believe that this tool would make the creation of slide shows or media presentations more interesting for the student. I will test this next week in my Junior class. It will allow the student to personalize the slide show they create. I will post the end result of one of their projects.

Thing 8 Wiki Overload

I checked out Viki Davis’s blog about Wiki’s and some of the examples of her students work. I feel like I have been reborn with a completely new briefcase full of tools to teach with. It is extremely overwhelming to me. I am tempted to stop taking this class and just focus on how I am going to use these tools in my lessons. Enough of that talk. Here is my review of a few of the Wiki’s I liked.

Math 12V Outcomes Portfolio

I liked the idea of using a Wiki as a way for the students to create study guides. I also liked the clear instructions and rubric that explained what they were to do and how grading their project would work. I can see me doing the same thing for my 10th grade class. My students will be taking two exams to get certified as an A+ technican and this will help with their studying. It can also be used and expanded on by next years 10th grade class.

Westwood Schools Computer Science

This is a great Wiki and offers a lot of ideas for creating Wiki assignments. I teach Computer Science and there are many entries for a variety of lessons.I liked the twitter projects and some of the tools that were introduced like Jott. You have to check out Classtools. A great selection of free tools for the teacher or the student.You could spend hours on this Wiki. Great Job!!

FHS Wolves Den

This Wiki has some good examples of students using voice threads to present various historic events and people. I just did a project with my students regarding web 2.0 tools and they wanted to see how students use voice threads in a project. They will see these examples next week. This Wiki was created by Jenifer Barnett. She is not updating it anymore by has provided a link to her knew wiki. That site is great as well. She has a page called Web Wardrobe. Check it out!

I have to stop now. I need more time in my day to see all that Web2.0 offers.