Blog Requirements for 10th Grade

The following items represent what I expect all Sophomore Blogs to look like:


  • About Page – This should be a description of your what your blog is used for. This can include postings about items that you have an interest in as well.
  • You should create Categories to organize your Blog Posts. You should have the ones listed below and others for whatever you plan on posting items you have an interest in.
    • Shop Assignments
    • Related Assignments
    • Article Reviews
    • Technical Information
  • Your Sidebar or Footer Should have the following Widgets
    • Links
    • Pages
    • Categories
    • Blog Stats
    • Recent Posts
    • Links (Should be one for each of your classmates)
  • Clean up your Posts and delete anything you don’t want to keep.
  • If you are going to keep any of your current posts put them in the appropriate categories




Technology Blog Assignments



You blog should be a resource for the rest of the class. You were assigned an area of Technology that you must learn about.  You should post any information you find or create that would be helpful to others.


Guidelines for Posting

  • Post any information you believe will be helpful to your readers.
  • Make sure you can answer any questions about what you posted. You have to be responsible and post information that you have reviewed first. This refers primary to anything you have read, or, providing a link to an article to read.
  • Include pictures. It makes it more visually appealing.
  • You will probable visit many web sites and save the links to the ones you liked. You should have these links available on your site and provide a one-sentence description of the site.
  • Spell check your work.
  • Make sure you have categories set up on your blog so it will be easy for others to sort through your posts.
  • Look at other people’s blogs to get ideas!


Guidelines when Posting a Reading Assignment on your Blog

I am posting a quick outline of my guidelines on how I expect any article reviews to be written.

Reading Assignments

  • Source
    • Title of Article
    • Where it was from. Magazine, Website, Book etc..
    • Who Wrote the article
  •  Short Description of what the article was about. A summary of articles highlights limited to two paragraphs.
  • Your Opinions

Thing 10 Creative Commons

This is a very important topic in todays social media society. Most students don’t give much thought to legality when it comes to what they post on the internet. I would imagine this is true of any type of media that they use in school projects as well. I must admit I wasn’t aware of all the copywrite laws and how it effects what I can legally re-use in my class material. I just asumed most everythng requires permission to use so I have stayed away from republishing work I had found on the internet. After covering this material it’s nice to see sites like Creative Commons that helps to simplyfy these rules for us.

Caution if you travel the information highway!

We all have heard the term hacker. You hear it at school from G2 and I, from articles on the internet and even in movies like Die Hard with a Vengeance. It may be one of those things you hear and then say “It will never happen to me”. I hope not but you live in a time where you spend time on a computer every day. The odds are against you unless you are cautious of what is going on around you. Check out this article” Google confirms Gmail phishing attack” .

Happy Monday to the Junior Class!

This week we will explore the do’s and don’ts of Blogging. Having a forum that allows you to post anything that comes to mind opens the door to the world of netetiquet. This week we will create an acceptable use policy for using our blogs and the other communication services we use in class. You will set the guidlines for a code of conduct with my guidance.

I expect that we will have very interesting discussions this week in class about this policy. I encourage all of you to comment on this post and to share your thoughts by posting on your own blog.


Junior Assignment Due 9-16-09 Reflection on last weeks assignments

In my eyes last weeks related class and the assignments that were completed exceeded my expectations.  We discussed this in class but I would like you to answer the following questions again on this blog.

1. I am interested in your opinion of what we accomplished.

2. Do you believe you will use the blog for activities not related to class?

3. How often have you been checking the email you setup last week.

Thanks for all you effort!!!