Blog Requirements for 10th Grade

The following items represent what I expect all Sophomore Blogs to look like:


  • About Page – This should be a description of your what your blog is used for. This can include postings about items that you have an interest in as well.
  • You should create Categories to organize your Blog Posts. You should have the ones listed below and others for whatever you plan on posting items you have an interest in.
    • Shop Assignments
    • Related Assignments
    • Article Reviews
    • Technical Information
  • Your Sidebar or Footer Should have the following Widgets
    • Links
    • Pages
    • Categories
    • Blog Stats
    • Recent Posts
    • Links (Should be one for each of your classmates)
  • Clean up your Posts and delete anything you don’t want to keep.
  • If you are going to keep any of your current posts put them in the appropriate categories