Exploratory Program Overview

I am making changes to this curriculum and an updated curriculum will be posted up here  when I am done.

Drop me an email if you have any questions or comments.


Mr. Robert Galante





  • Who I am?
    • Teacher of ISSN
    • My background
    • What I like to do in my spare time.
  • Who are you
    • Seating and Name Tags
  • Ice Breaker
    • Quarter and My Phone
    • Shop Choices
    • Type of Phone/Tablet/PC or MAC
      • Bring in Mobile Device tomorrow
    • How was your related class?
  • What are we going to do this week?
    • Learn about Computer and Network Security
    • Learn about Computers and Disassembly/Assembly
    • Learn how to build a Blog/WebSite
    • Learn about Networking.
  • Shop Structure – 11th grade split
  • Teachers
  • Break (Mobile Games allowed only on break)
  • Insert all Handouts in plastic sleeves
    • Need small Notebooks
    • Need Tab to separate topics taught
  • Handout and review my “Class Information Handout”
  • Handout Acceptable Use policy for blogging.
  • Welcome and lets have fun
    • My class was designed to make this week a fun experience for everyone and to show you some of the things you would learn in our shop.
  • Why choose Computer Science!!
    • Video – “Working at Google”
    • Get second GoogleVideo on Google


  • LAB
    • Login to our system
    • Access e-mail and send me an email
    • Demonstrate how to test printing.
    • Create Wordles for WordPress Lab.


Creating a Blog


  • What is a blog?
  • What is the difference between a blog and a website?
    • Show websites and blogs
      • Target
      • Apple
      • MSN
      • Rangley Boys
      • Don Bastian
      • My Blog
    • WordPress – (Web design tool for non-programmers)
      • Creating a presence on the web
      • School portfolio/journal
      • Share info on what’s important to you
      • Advertising for selling a product or service
    • Demonstrate WordPress and focus on the Handouts for completing tasks.
    • Demonstrate Feedly
    • LAB
      • Creating a Blog (Handout)
      • Optional – Add WordPress to your mobile device. “Create”
      • Optional – Department of Labor “Create”
        • LAB Handout Learning about you career
        • Create post with information about your 1st choice job
      • Optional – Feedly
        • Install and setup on mobile device. “Create”
      • Optional – Add Links Widget
        • Title Favorite Blogs
          • Add at least three blogs that you like. “Creaete”



Computer Information and disassembly/assembly


  • Overview of Lab
    • Identify major computer components
    • Identify devices that would be considered computers
    • Upgrading capabilities
    • Disassembly and Assembly of Computer
  • Review
    • The four major components
    • Show and Tell items
    • Safety – Tools – Screws
  • LAB
    • Disassembly/Assembly Procedures
      • Label items with tape and remove tape when done.
      • Put all screws in cup or use tape to keep them organized
      • Identify component and the order they should be remove in. Put this on white board




  • Introduction
    • Should I worry?
    • What is cybercrime?
    • What devices should I be concerned about?
    • Intro Video “Did you know 2014”
    • What types of threats are there?
      • Show Facebook – Take this lollipop
      • Review Handout “Types of Threats”
      • Show Phishing Examples in my email
    • Talk about Stuxnet and show video
    • Talk about hacking tools and show Mitnick Video (5min)
    • How to Protect your computer
      • Windows/OSX Updates
      • Firewall
      • Virus Protection
      • Password
      • Stop-Think-Click
    • How to protect your mobile devices
      • Mobile Security Course (15min)
    • LAB
      • Securing your Mobile Device lab





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