Thing 8 Wiki Overload

I checked out Viki Davis’s blog about Wiki’s and some of the examples of her students work. I feel like I have been reborn with a completely new briefcase full of tools to teach with. It is extremely overwhelming to me. I am tempted to stop taking this class and just focus on how I am going to use these tools in my lessons. Enough of that talk. Here is my review of a few of the Wiki’s I liked.

Math 12V Outcomes Portfolio

I liked the idea of using a Wiki as a way for the students to create study guides. I also liked the clear instructions and rubric that explained what they were to do and how grading their project would work. I can see me doing the same thing for my 10th grade class. My students will be taking two exams to get certified as an A+ technican and this will help with their studying. It can also be used and expanded on by next years 10th grade class.

Westwood Schools Computer Science

This is a great Wiki and offers a lot of ideas for creating Wiki assignments. I teach Computer Science and there are many entries for a variety of lessons.I liked the twitter projects and some of the tools that were introduced like Jott. You have to check out Classtools. A great selection of free tools for the teacher or the student.You could spend hours on this Wiki. Great Job!!

FHS Wolves Den

This Wiki has some good examples of students using voice threads to present various historic events and people. I just did a project with my students regarding web 2.0 tools and they wanted to see how students use voice threads in a project. They will see these examples next week. This Wiki was created by Jenifer Barnett. She is not updating it anymore by has provided a link to her knew wiki. That site is great as well. She has a page called Web Wardrobe. Check it out!

I have to stop now. I need more time in my day to see all that Web2.0 offers.


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