Thing 4

One of our assignments was to read other teachers blogs and create a post with our comments. The blog I found most interesting had a Post titled “Why I Don’t Assign Homework”.

For the most part I agree with the author. I don’t assign as much homework as I use to because it was a chore to get many students to complete it. I also found that there was a lot of copying going on and may students did the bare minimum to get the assignment done. The homework went from a learning experience to a pain in the neck for both me and my students.  When I do assign homework it usually requires them to think about what we discussed in class and give me some feedback on the topic. I also give the students more time to complete it and typically give them a lower grade if they get it to me late. For those student who don’t make an attempt to complete it, they get a zero. When we review the homework it is done as a class and since we are usually dealing with opinions, those who didn’t finish still can participate in the learning experience.

Most of my homework assignments require commenting on a post or performing a short task and using email to send it to me. I am trying to steal a few moments that  most students spend in front of a computer to think about what ever we talked about in class. It’s still early in the year so time will tell if this approach works.


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