Reflections on Lifelong Learning

I have gone from an expert in computer technology to a student many times in my 29 years in this business. I am truly a Lifelong learner. I didn’t start out knowing this and may have chosen a different field if I did. It is a challenge to keep abreast of technology at a level where I must be the teacher of what I am learning. I do have many years of experience working with technology which does make it easier to learn about changes in current technology. I have also gone through the process of constantly studying about new technologies and I am familiar with what I must do to stay current. Even so it is always a challenge. As I get older my memory isn’t what it use to be and I find myself procrastinating more with my studies than I ever had. I believe the entire concept of being a lifelong learner is a challenge to me.

I am taking an online course that explores Web 2.0 and really challenges my ability to stay on track with assignments. More importantly this type of class requires me to explore and experiment on my own which requires me to really assume responsibility for my own learning. I know my students will be reading this and I’m sure I will get some comments. Some of them may believe they can relate to what I am saying because they have been going to school for as long as they can remember. I do believe we have a lot of similarities  when I give them assignments like I am getting in this class.

I find it easy to follow assignments where the objectives and specific tasks are clearly defined. I find it to be more of a challenge to make the time to experiment (Play) with the new technology I am learning. I tend to put off the play time and complete more structured assignments first. I never felt this way in the past but being so busy with work (school) it’s easy to put off what I must do for this class.

My goal through out this class is to incorporate  what I am learning in a my classes at Shawsheen. If I can do this I will feel like I have been sucessful in this class. To learn about Web 2.0 and not pass it on to my students would be a shame. So students of Shawsheen be prepared to explore the new world of Web 2.0. I beleive this is only the beginning of how the Internet will make many aspects of our life and work more effecient. See my next post and I will share my thoughts on that subject.


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