New Policy

As a result of the activities in todays related class I am implementing a new policy regarding talking in class. This post will not accept comments as I am not interested in your thoughts in this matter.

STOP and listen!

If you talk while I am leading a discussion or talk when another student is talking you will receive 1 shop detention.

If you make a comment to me when I give you this detention and interrupt the class you will get another detention. If you want to discuss why you got a detention you may see me after school.

Detentions are held Tuesday and Thursday. You must make up your detention withing one week.

If you don’t show up for a detention you will get another detention. If you don’t show up a second time you will have two detentions with me and I will send you to the Deans office. If this becomes a habit I will speak to your parents about your behavior.

I am sorry that I have to implement this policy but it is clear to me that there is no other way to deal with the situation. For all of those students who don’t talk in class, thank you!